Thursday, August 19, 2010

Strike 3 Your Out!

Baseball season hasn’t been going too well for Matt Kemp(riri's boy toy -___-) ever since he’s been hanging out with his new girl Rihanna. He’s been benched several times this season which has left his coaches and teammates worried that he is distracted by his very public relationship with Rihanna, however, he disagrees.

“My girl has nothing to do with what I do on the baseball field,” Kemp says. “If anything she helps. She makes me happy, and as stressed as I am coming home sometimes, it’s nice to have someone there who just wants to support you.”

Here’s what his coach had to say about his game:

“Last year he spoiled everybody by the way he played,” Torre said. “We had higher expectations for him. I’m sure he had higher expectations for himself. We talked the first day he came to spring training, he was filled with all this energy about ‘Let’s keep going. Blah, blah, blah.’ And then he hit that wall in late April, or wherever it was, and had a terrible May and June.

The only thing I can say is what you saw last year, and what you see at times this year, the thing missing is consistency. The only thing I can say to the fans who are concerned — and we’re all concerned — is just to invest a little more time

Looks like Matt better pick up the slack cause Ms Pon the replay isnt gonna pay his bills && he better watch out! RiRi has magic she will shake your career up a little)!!

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