Friday, August 13, 2010

Lookin Good Wit Ya Ponys On!!


You look good with your PONYs on! New song!
We are soooo excited! Franchize Ent wrote a PONY song! And, I have to say, it is awesome! So listen to it here —>PONY Song

And then to download the song with the full quality HERE! You have to – the song won’t get outta my head!

So let me tell you the scoop on these wonderful people that made this great PONY anthem:

Franchize Ent is a musical organization originiated in Petersburg, Va. where all members were raised. Attending high school together is when they all realized each others passion for music. The current members of Franchize Ent are as followed: Dee Franchize (Founder/Producer/Songwriter), RomeStreetRell (Co-Founder/Producer/Songwriter), J-UzzleDotCom {(r.i.p.) Producer/Songwriter/} D. Scott A.K.A. Drama (Rapper), Furby (Singer/Songwriter), Yung B (Songwriter,Singer), TaliaDottCom (Rapper), Toy G (Producer/Rapper), Hunna (Rapper), Ms. Oh-So Wright (Singer), & Boo Da Ghost. After releasing their first Official Mix-tape in the spring of 2009, Franchize Ent has released the late J-UzzleDotCom “Log-In” Mixtape and is currently working on a future Franchize Ent Mix-tape. Their first single off of the Mix-Tape is the “PONY Song”. Dedicated to being successful in this now fluent music industry, each individual brings their own “unique” style and idea to the team that uplifts the company from any other entertainment group in its surrounding area. Hard work and consistent work ethic has gotten them to the stature that they are at today. You can follow the members of Franchize Ent on Twitter @DeeFranchize, @RomeStreetRell, @JuzzleDotCom, @Taliadottcom, @NotFurby, @DramaScott804, @Franchize_YungB. Keep a look out for more upcoming shows, songs, etc. but it all starts with the support of the fans and that is YOU!!!

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