Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things sidechicks shouldnt do

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smh smh smh smh im done!!!
I saw an article posted on Baller Alert early this week titled “Lessons to Young Groupies, What Not to Ever Do” and I thought it was a hilarious joke with spoof illustrations but then I found out it was real. How amusing!!!!! Long story short, Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders was dating a chick who went buckwild when he left her in his hotel room alone. She took pictures of everything!

DO NOT EVER ask a “friend” to take a picture of you smiling ear to ear happy and posing to have a hotel room key!
DO NOT EVER sneak around a “ballers” hotel room and take pictures with his team memorabilia, chain, name-tag, etc. (especially when he’s not there and then again don’t ask a “friend” to take the pictures)!
DO NOT EVER snoop in a “ballers” belongings and then take pictures of the evidence (pictures of said ballers girlfriend/baby momma)!
DO NOT EVER forward private pics that your “baller” sent you to your “friends”.

Smh groupie!!

she made a theme for her side kick o_o (they still have those) lmmao!!

Crossed the line took a pic of him and his baby mama -___-

pic of his team sh*t

the best part took pics with his room key.....

NO yall know how i feel about side chicks n groupies n such....BITCH!!!! && ofcourse she is not attractive thats how it always is smh...Yall BOYS need to get yall groupies under control or something...very disrespectful very smh smh uuuuggggh

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