Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneaky at the pool

(she's young anyways*playn my Breezy like that giving us "Jasmine's" a bad name*smh!! && Rob Kardashian doesnt know what to do with himself *to me he isnt that cute anymore*)

From the incident with Rihanna to his fling with video model, Draya, who seemingly uses him for publicity, Chris Brown may have another issue in the love department.

His reported current girl friend, model, Jasmine Sanders was spotted at a pool party with Kim Kardashian’s little brother, Rob over the weekend. Rob who lives with his sister Khloe and her husband Lamar was vacationing with the newlyweds as Lamar was in Vegas for the 2012 USA Olympic basketball team tryouts.

Deciding to enjoy Vegas with his own guest, Rob was seen poolside with Jasmine as the two were caught flirtatiously gazing in each other’s eyes. Khloe and Lamar were also cuddling nearby.

After pictures surfaced of Jasmine and Rob, Chris made it obvious that he didn’t approve. Known to take to his twitter page to express his feelings, he tweeted “Everything that glitters isn’t gold”. He then un-followed Jasmine.

Poor Chris…

He just needs to chill no gf just go have fun no cuffin for a minute...well unless we lock eyes ^_^

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