Monday, June 21, 2010

Shaunie O

sometimes wen u try and at like some1 ur not around new people some1 old always comes around && puts dat ass n check...keep it a hunnet!"-jazzy_ofcourse
Sooo i said i wasnt going to talk about these bitter a** house wives buuut oh well....It seems like Shaunie isnt being who she is...well in Matt Barnes eyes...smh!! Me personaly I just cant stand when some1 is being not who they are for people around them who are very irrelevant(aahhm Evelyn Jennifer Susie..Royce *side eye*) I dnt care what any1 says...They hated on Gloria's and Matts relationship hands down..and "matt who"?...really girls!! Shyyyyd if my husband/boyfriend played in the NBA I wouldnt want any1 to know him (groupie thristy hoooes lol) soooo *clap clap bravo* to Matt Barnes!! Check out his tweets here:

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